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Horizon Institute was launched to provide dedicated educational support in Wellness Therapy methods for animals. Recent research is proving what animal lovers have always known about the centuries old bond between human and animal: what is good for the animal is good for you.™


Bring Our Therapy Methods to your Home or Practice


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Horizon Institute courses show anyone, from pet owners to advanced practitioners how to build a deeper bond and enhance animal wellness. The Synchrossage™ massage method utilizes a simple two hour course that brings quick and lasting results. The Synchrocize® Animal Masters Series™ provides advanced practitioners leading edge curriculum that is currently not offered elsewhere.  
  • Personal one-on-one sessions, in-home consultations, group classes
  • Lectures & demos available across the country
  • Affordable and accessible for animal-care professionals & pet owners
  • Methods are used by Vet Clinics & Humane Societies
  • Ask about our Satisfaction Guarantee!
( Contact: Kathy Veder | Phone: 937.456.6060 | Email: info@horizoninstitute.net )



Disclaimer: Synchrossage or massage is not a medical diagnostic or treatment tool. It is not a substitute for veterinary or medical care. In all medical cases, contact a veterinarian and seek medical treatment first. ©copyright all rights reserved Horizon LLC