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Why Sychrocize®?
The Animal Masters Series™

The heart of the internally developed Horizon Institute program is the concept of Synchro®. Synchrocize®, Synchrossage™ and Synchroscents™ all have the intended outcome of reaching the relaxed state of Synchro®. Synchro® is defined as being in a state of harmony (body, mind and spirit) with all of these systems connected and flowing with ease, operating as designed and supporting the animal to its highest good.

The goal of the Animal Masters Series™ program is to offer advanced energy professionals a path and methods to progress their skill set & to enhance the offerings that support their client's animals and humans. This goal is achieved through the understanding of the Synchrocize® process.




Developing Synchrocize®

The Animal Master Series was created to answer the request of advanced animal energy practitioners who were presented with very complicated client cases that were not being resolved through currently available techniques. These particular cases and the animal energetic assessments provided insight to issues that the intricacies are currently not being taught for animal application.

Through Kathy Veder's extensive research, the animal population graciously offered its voice as to the support required in this ever changing planet today.

Many energy modalities have provided fabulous & gifted technique-based answers to the questions and issues presented in the past. In the current environment, it has proven to be critical to understand energetics in a complete and systematic way. In order for the system to work in harmony, each part of the energy system is desired to be in a state of Synchro®.

Professional Benefits

Many energy practitioners have taken their energy practices to new heights after taking the Animal Masters Series™ courses.

They have reported that their client’s animals that had issues that had gone unresolved for years and they are now living in harmony. The human clients are relieved.

In addition to exploring the Synchrocize® process, the course curriculum is supported by encouraged expansion of the Practitioners intuitive work, expressive arts and right/left brain balancing exercises


Courses include:

  • AMS 502 The Animal Energy System – A Deeper Awareness
  • AMS 505 Synchrocizing™
  • AMS 507 Earth Mother Synchrocizing™
  • AMS 509 The Animal Collective Consciousness


  What people are saying:


“Kathy is an incredibly gifted teacher. She has the unique ability of being able to share her wealth of knowledge in a manner that is understandable and practical for the student. The bond she shares with the animals is genuine and contributes to her success in this endeavor. As a holistic veterinarian, I consider her my mentor in the field of energetic healing."

Cynthia Juday, DVM, CVA, Clatskanie, Oregon Holistic Veterinarian, creator and facilitator of Recovery from Loss Workshops and Healers' Retreats



"Participating in the Animal Master Series classes has changed the way that I think about and practice energy medicine. The information is both revolutionary and invaluable for animals and humans alike, and is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. These classes should be part of anyone's curriculum that practices energy therapy and who wants to go to the “next level.” I look forward to attending more classes in the series."

Diane Skalsky., ReikiMaster, HTAP, Cleveland, Ohio



"An in-depth understanding of the energy system coupled with extensive applicable experience, empathy and compassion for all creatures come together to create one amazing teacher known as Kathy Veder. I honor her wisdom and am deeply grateful she has chosen to share her gifts with others of like minds."

Lucy Singer, HTACP, CESMT, Cincinnati, Ohio



"I can't tell you how wonderful your classes have been. Guess what, I wanted to tell you, that one of my client's was so happy and impressed with the changes in her dog after the Animal Masters Series session that I had with her that she has hired me to work in her wellness center. I am so excited. Your class helped my confidence and the processes were amazing. Each of your classes has brought forward a healing response to me and my animals. Thank you so much,"

Nicole Tedrick., HTAP, Reiki Practitioner, Canton, Ohio


"The Animal Masters Series classes have enabled me to take my intuitive healing to a much higher level and expand my horizons. The small classes encourage knowledge sharing and growth which I really appreciate."

Diane Kuhl, HTACP, LWR New Carlisle, Indiana


"The Animal Masters Series class inspired me to think “outside the box”. I would recommend anyone who wants to advance their energetic awareness to take this course."

Mary Kemphues, HTAP Lewisburg, Ohio


"The Animal Masters Series classes contained loads of valuable information. I'm glad I took the classes. I would highly recommend them to any HTA practitioner or anyone interesting in furthering their energy knowledge. I am very grateful for these learning opportunities."

Stephanie Hiller, HTACP, CESMT, Cincinnati, Ohio



“Thank you so much for the excellent class. I gained some great insight toward becoming a better healer and immediately experienced improved results with my work. Very valuable stuff! Please contact me when you are offering the next course in the Animal Masters Series.”

Judy Skemp, (HTAP, registered Kundalini yoga teacher) Berkley, Michigan


“I have been doing energy work with animals for 5 or so years but felt the animals were still looking for help at a deeper level. Kathy Veder's classes have helped me to make that deeper connection. Myself and the animals I work with - thank you!”

Judy Beighle, HTAP, Reiki Practitioner New Richmond, Ohio

( Contact: Kathy Veder | Phone: 937.456.6060 | Email: info@horizoninstitute.net )



Disclaimer: Synchrossage or massage is not a medical diagnostic or treatment tool. It is not a substitute for veterinary or medical care. In all medical cases, contact a veterinarian and seek medical treatment first. ©copyright all rights reserved Horizon LLC