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Why Synchrossage?

Synchrossage is an easily applied 10 minute massage method that relaxes, promotes wellness, builds trust and enhances the bond with your animal.



Developing Synchrossage
Synchrossage™ was designed to answer the need for a simple, realistically applied and relaxing wellness methodology that animals and their humans can enjoy together. The method is very simple to apply so that it is unnecessary for the Synchrossager™ to understand complicated hand movements or a multitude of techniques. Pet owners have asked for ways to show their animals how much they care without the extra fat and calories of food treats. Now you can connect with your animal and provide them with a relaxing massage that conveniently fits into your schedule.

Emotional & Behavioral Benefits
Having had great success for animal shelter care givers and foster families, Synchrossage™ has proven itself a valuable tool in working with an animal’s emotional & behaviorial rehabilitiation. Human touch combined with the relaxation response has shown to benefit animals that previously cowered from a lowered hand ultimately helping the animal’s adoptibility. Encouraging animals to relax in a sometimes stressful shelter environment reaps long term benefits. One of the many goals of this course is to rehabilitate and save as many animals as possible thus enabling them to enjoy the quality of their life.

Simple & Schedule-Friendly
Kathy Veder developed Synchrossage™ after becoming frustrated with the current offerings of massage and bodywork techniques. “The standard protocol for animal bodywork suggests an hour massage with many complicated techniques that are difficult to remember and understand. It is unrealistic for most individuals, families, animal professionals and shelter care givers to allocate this much time on a daily basis. A 10 minute Synchrossage™ session is easily incorporated into a hectic day and benefits both animal and human.“

Good for your pet, good for you
There is more and more research showing the benefits of our connections with animals; and we pet lovers are not a bit surprised! The February 2009 National Institute of Health Newsletter focused on Exploring the Human-Animal Bond with studies such as these:

  • Seniors who own dogs go to the doctor less than those who do not. In a study of 100 Medicare patients, even the most highly stressed dog owners in the study has 21 percent fewer physician’s contacts than non-dog owners. (Siegel, 1990).

  • Therapy dog visits help heart and lung function by lowering pressures, diminishing release of harmful hormones and decreasing anxiety with hospitalized heart failure patients. (Cole, 2005)

  • Horse trekking has a potential to improve immune function. (Department of Animal Science, Kitasato University, Japan,2008)

Synchrossage aids physical & mental health, behavior & temperament by:

  • Activating the body’s calming mechanism through the parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Increasing circulation & helping eliminate toxins

  • Conditioning coat and skin

  • Improving attitude affecting behavior, training & performance

  • Gaining trust for behavior improvements

  • Calming nervous or hyperactive animals

  • Aiding in early detection of abnormalities

  • Provides a non caloric treat for overweight animal

Synchrossage aids recovery from injuries or chronic conditions by:

  • Improving flexibility and muscle tone

  • Increasing circulation & helping eliminate toxins

  • Providing relief from muscle soreness and discomfort

  • Supports atrophied muscles

  • Reducing recovery time from soft tissue injuries

  • Desensitizing animals that are shy to the touch

  • Supports tender considerations prior to euthanasia

  • Provides loving support for end of life situations or Hospice care
  Synchrossage in the Field

“This simple process greatly assists the connection and communication between humans and animals. Everyone should learn this amazing method for their own benefit as well as their animals - who doesn't enjoy a relaxing massage! Horses quickly surrender to the soft strokes, any tension is released as they chew, yawn and begin to fall asleep. Dogs will be stretched out with a grin on their face wanting more!!! It really is that easy!!"

Cath Garden. New Zealand Horse Trainer & Instructor & Author of Catching Fred


"Kathy worked with my imported Dutch Warmblood show jumper, Wolfie. During the session, Wolfie responded with classic relaxation responses with his soft eyes, yawning and chewing. I also believe that the relaxation has helped him in all areas of his behavior from trailering, training, and competition. With everything that Wolfie does for me and the good job he does in his training, I feel he deserves having these massage sessions to reward him for his performance. I look forward to learning how to do this myself so I can do this more frequently."

Jillian Cacchiotti Bradenton, Florida



"I have had Kathy Veder work on my horses at various times in the past for general health and well being. However, a serious situation arose when my beautiful Holsteiner mare contracted a bacterial infection in her 10th month of gestation. This infection was so serious that it had to be treated with IV antibiotics prescribed by my veterinarian. She was off feed for four-six weeks. In the midst of the illness, the thought came to me to contact Kathy, and she was so good as to come out that very evening. Kathy worked with her to help facilitate her healing and to support the veterinary care that she continued to receive. She saw us through the remainder of the illness and pregnancy. I am happy to report that my mare gave birth to a beautiful filly, who is now three months old. Both mare and filly are doing fine. I credit Kathy with helping to facilitate a quicker recovery than would have been achieved by veterinary care alone."

Diane Owen, Legal Assistant, Eaton, Ohio


"BRATT'S CHEWY CARAMEL THUNDA aka “Chewy” our English Bulldog responded wonderfully to the Synchrossage session. He started relaxing from the moment Kathy put her hands on him and responded positively to the gentle hand movements. We were very pleased with the results and can’t wait to have another session! We highly recommend this process and would be happy to provide a reference."

Tammy Bratton, Bratt Bulldogs www.brattbulldogs.com


"I learned the simple Synchrossage massage method and use it with my 2 year old tobiano Azteca gelding- Rafael. I absolutely love Rafael and want to provide him with every advantage as he “grows up”. The hands on process was easy to learn because it is effortless and gentle. I could almost feel Rafael’s muscles melting under my hands with very light hand pressure."

MaryBeth Horan, Director of Outreach and Development for The Alliance for Animals, Boston, Massachusetts


"I enjoyed watching Kathy work with my Warmblood gelding, Archie. He easily relaxed and seemed to enjoy the hands on massaging session. Archie is my trusted companion and brings me great joy. Giving back to him with a Synchrossage session is the least that I can do for him."

Priscilla Gratton Sarasota, Florida




"I want to thank YOU for offering such a wonderful class! It was great to meet you, too.
Although you said I had a natural ability for massaging animals, it was an excellent opportunity to actually be taught the basic process to better connect with my furry babies. This a.m. Ella graced me with her presence on my lap while I was attempting to read the paper and drink my coffee while seated on the couch. Using the techniques you taught us last night, I was able to provide about a 3 minute massage (somewhere between a drive-by and a real one sessionJ). She was intently purring during the massage and while I only had to opportunity to complete part of one side of her body before she changed positions, she loved it! I can’t wait for the next class offering!"

Jackie Sewert, Eaton, Ohio


( Contact: Kathy Veder | Phone: 937.456.6060 | Email: info@horizoninstitute.net )



Disclaimer: Synchrossage or massage is not a medical diagnostic or treatment tool. It is not a substitute for veterinary or medical care. In all medical cases, contact a veterinarian and seek medical treatment first. ©copyright all rights reserved Horizon LLC